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The Yeti Snowboard

The Yeti Snowboard

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The Yeti Snowboard: Unleash Your Inner Myth

Embark on a mystical journey with The Yeti Snowboard, where innovative design meets legendary performance. This snowboard is not just a tool for riding; it's an experience that blends cutting-edge technology with whimsical features to ignite your imagination on the slopes.


  • Yeti Grip Technology: Inspired by the legendary creature's sure-footedness, The Yeti Snowboard incorporates unique grip-enhancing technology that enhances traction on ice and slippery surfaces.
  • Abominable Flex: With an abominable flex pattern, this snowboard combines flexibility and stiffness in strategic areas to optimize performance across varied terrain.
  • Yeti Fur Coating: A luxurious yeti fur coating on the topsheet provides added warmth and insulation, ensuring comfort in even the coldest conditions.
  • Snowstorm Control System: Equipped with a patented snowstorm control system, The Yeti Snowboard allows riders to summon and control small localized snowstorms for a fresh powder experience on demand.
  • Mystic Camber Profile: The mystic camber profile offers an elusive blend of camber and rocker that adapts to the rider's style, providing stability at high speeds and playfulness in freestyle maneuvers.
  • Glacial Graphics: Featuring captivating glacial graphics and luminescent accents, The Yeti Snowboard stands out as a work of art on the mountain, embodying the mystique and allure of the legendary Yeti.

Suitable for Ages:

  • Youth to Adult (10+): Designed for adventurous riders aged 10 and up, The Yeti Snowboard invites all to explore the mountain with curiosity and courage.


  • Exploration and Discovery: Perfect for adventurous souls who seek to explore hidden corners of the mountain and discover new lines with confidence.
  • Freestyle Fantasy: Ideal for freestyle riders who want to unleash their creativity and style, with features that inspire bold tricks and imaginative maneuvers.
  • Legendary Performance: From steep descents to playful runs, The Yeti Snowboard offers a versatile platform that excels in all conditions, making every ride a legendary tale.

Embrace the legend. Ride the myth. Experience the magic of The Yeti Snowboard and redefine your snowboarding adventures with style, innovation, and a touch of mythical wonder.

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